Classic Kale Chips

In light of my red and green themed life during Christmas time, I couldn’t stop making this addictive green snack:
Kale chips.


Inspired by a pin listing kale as the #1 immunity booster, and inspired by my will to spend less than $5 on kale chips at health foods stores, I set out to make my own!

This experiment converted me. Never again will I spend money on kale chips unless convenience calls (road trip pit stops, etc…). This was the CHEAPEST snack I have eaten in a long time.

For only $2.50 at WF, I bought more kale than I knew what to do with…
or so I thought until I ate all of it in one sitting.

-Fresh kale
-Sea salt
-Olive oil

STEP 1 – Preheat oven to 275
STEP 2 – Rip kale off of stems & place wash in a strainer
STEP 3 – Dry kale & place on a cookie sheet lined mine with parchment paper
STEP 4 – Add some oil and salt to taste, and toss the leaves in it
STEP 5 – Cook for 20 minutes (Flip halfway through)
STEP 6 – Enjoy immediately!


So… I may or may not have made an entire stalk of kale worth of chips, and they are officially gone. And I haven’t even finished writing about them. I suppose it helps that my family all ate a giant handful. (FYI- if my fam likes something “healthy” that I make, you know it’s at least decent)

Branch out and eat some kale. Give yourself that extra immunity boost to combat all of those sugary Christmas treats (that I will be posting about one of these days hopefully), and enjoy a guiltless, satisfying, addictive snack at the same time! You won’t regret making this recipe. But if you do, give me a call so I can come take them off your hands. I’m obsessed.

Kale chips may be (are) the new key to my heart…


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