Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate Cake

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Pierce: Will you be home from Europe on my birthday?
Me: No… I’m sorry. I get home the day after.
Pierce: What?! But who will make my cake?!?!?!
Me: Ha just kidding. I’ll be home two days before.

It’s tradition here in the McNamara household that I made the Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe for my little brother’s birthday every year. He loves milk chocolate, specifically Hershey’s milk chocolate, so this cake is the epitome of his sugary ideal.

This diabetic mountain is two layers of chocolate cake smeared with chocolate icing decorated with chocolate chunks. …Did I mention I add chocolate chips to the batter? As if the recipe didn’t already call for enough chocolate. Needless to say, he loves this thing.


So to conclude my not-so-vegan-healthy-gf post, here’s the link to the famous birthday boy recipe. I only change up three tiny tiny things to make it special, but I’m pretty sure the actual recipe probably tastes the same haha.


I don’t know when he got so tall… so much for being my baby brother!


One tip: I always need more milk than the icing recipe says you need. Just keep adding little by little, mixing in between additions, until you reach the perfect consistency.


Okay. Enjoy your sugar comma. It’s worth it.



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