“Leftovers” Chili …with a whole lot of garlic

The winter weather followed me from Amsterdam to Dallas…
It’s about 30 degrees here, and Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet!
In an attempt to keep my nose, fingers & toes from freezing off,
I tried to make a warm, hearty soup – which ended up being some kind of vegan chili.

The contents of my fridge included halves of onion, peppers & garlic.
The pantry lacked in the lentil department, but I did find a baggie of uncooked quinoa.
Finally, I found a can of tomato sauce.
Thus, “Leftovers” Chili was born.

What else would you expect from me?

-Some red, green & yellow pepper
-Some chopped onion
-Garlic cloves to taste (I used a lot….)
-Tbs Olive oil
-Chili powder to taste
-Garlic salt
-Ground black pepper
-Cayenne (if you like it spicy)
-1/4ish cup uncooked quinoa
-About 2 cups of tomato sauce

I didn’t measure anything. Sorry. Just keep tasting the chili until you like it.
My only advice: You can always add more, but you can’t add less.
Don’t overdo the seasoning!


STEP 1 – Sautee the veggies with some chili powder and olive oil

STEP 2 – Boil the quinoa in some water until it’s fluffy

STEP 3 – Add the veggies to the quinoa (drain some of the water if there’s too much… but I just left what water was left in the pot.)

STEP 4 – Add some tomato sauce to make the chili look soupy. If you have diced tomatoes, those would taste good too!

STEP 5 – Season to taste using whatever you have at home! I like mine spicy and chili-y, so I added lots of seasoning! Just start with a little and keep tasting until you like it.

With chili, the tastes increase as the pot simmers. Slow cook it on low heat for the most flavorful pot. Don’t forget to stir occasionally to keep the quinoa or bottom from burning!

STEP 6 – Add water or almond milk or anything to taste depending on how thick/thin you like your chili.


Funny, err, embarrassing, story:
My dad got the tub of garlic cloves out, so naturally I say, “I LOVE GARLIC,” as I proceed to place a raw clove in my mouth and chew. As my dad says nothing, I begin to couch and run to the sink to spit it out. Turns out raw garlic is NOTHING like cooked or sautéed garlic. haha. I about died. Talk about gag-reflex. And to all of this my dad calmly states, “I was wondering why you did that…”

All of that to say,
pour yourself a bowl, or a mug, of this warm concoction.
It’s definitely beginning to feel like the holiday season here in Texas.


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