Bugs on a Log

One of my favorite childhood memories is coming home from school and my mom surprising me with “bugs on a log.”

If you didn’t eat bugs on a log growing up, then you were deprived as a child.
But it’s okay!! You can make it up to yourself by eating it right now.
You also are probably wondering if I actually eat bugs..
I do not. If I ever have, then it was without my knowledge.
The bugs are rasins, and the logs are celery, held together by creamy almond butter. There’s nothing quite like biting into a crispy piece of celery, lathered in a delicious spread, topped with dried fruit.

As a college kid, it’s easy to go for the unhealthy snacks… throwing popcorn in the microwave, reaching for that pint of ice-cream or going for the chips and salsa always seems so easy… But why do that when a healthy snack takes 5 minutes MAX to make?

Bugs on a log is about as healthy (and delicious) as snacks get.
It’s NATURALLY prortein-packed, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free & vegan!

-Almond butter (or pb)

STEP 1 – Wash and cut celery
(or buy the pre-cut-washed celery if you don’t mind spending more for convenience)
STEP 2 – Spread some almond butter on the celery
STEP 3 – Put the bugs (raisins) on the log (celery)

…That’s ALL it takes to make a healthy, nutritious, delicious college snack.

Do yourself a favor and reach for the veggies and healthy fats instead of the sugar and saturated fats. You’ll thank yourself when you don’t feel guilty or lethargic later in the day.

Now to the Maastricht market to get some more celery! The produce vendor knows me by name now. I go through two stalks of celery a week! It’s addicting.



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