Stroop Waffles & Swiss Cocoa

Stroop Waffles & Swiss Cocoa
…or should I say…
stroopwafels & chocolat suisse


In case you didn’t know, I am studying abroad in the Netherlands for the semester.
I touched European soil on August 24, and I won’t be home until November 22.

As I was sitting at my desk with no plans or homework for the first time all month,
it hit me that I hadn’t had a chance to blog …at all… in a month.
When I realized this, I was sipping on hot chocolate from Switzerland and snacking on stroopwafels from Holland.
So obviously it made me want to blog about it.


What are stroopwafles?
“Stroop” is Dutch for syrup.
“Wafles” is Dutch for waffles.
“Glutenvrij” is Dutch for gluten free.


Heaven in a cookie. Seriously though.
Imagine caramel syrup smashed between two soft wafers…
Then imagine the warmth of the hot chocolate melting the caramel into the wafers…

It’s incredible.


Stroopwafels are the perfect study snack.
They taste AMAZING with coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, you name it.
I melt them over my coffee to make the caramel soft, OR I pull a dunk n’ donuts.
You can even just eat them straight, with almond butter, or with dark chocolate.
There really is no way to mess them up.
…well I mean it might taste funky dipped in coke or something…


Then there’s my “Chocolat Suisse”
I bought some instant hot cocoa packets in Switzerland, and I mix them with almond milk over the stove. It’s perfection in a cup. This hot cocoa mixed with the cool Holland air blowing through my window tastes, smells and feels like the holiday season.

It’s magical.


Well, that’s that.
I just wanted to say that I’m out of the country, I have TONS to blog about, and I have NO time to blog.
Hopefully I’ll be able to post some recipes, crafts & random food-finds soon.

Vaarwel vrienden. Ik spreek je snel!
(Goodbye friends! Talk to you soon!)
My Dutch is slowly, but surely, improving.

Sincerely, your world traveler.



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