Chalkboard Art

I have a dilemma.
My favorite “art” forms are temporary art forms.
Chalk art and culinary art.
One gets erased . . . the other gets eaten.

Speaking of chalk art, I have a chalkboard obsession. There are three chalkboards in my room as we speak.
With a love of chalkboards comes a love of drawing on chalkboards.


I write on them for birthday parties, sorority events, class presentations, …Yes, I did use chalkboard art for a marketing presentation. My teacher loved it. He even took a picture of our group with it. #browniepoints #firstplace #chalkboards


There’s never an occasion in life where a chalkboard is inappropriate.
Chalk is always a good idea.
And with that, I bring you some fun ideas for chalkboard art!


IMG_0464            IMG_1477


IMG_7155            IMG_0391

Use Pinterest for inspiration. Pinterest is the lifeblood of my chalk art.
That is all. Enjoy!

…after proofreading this post, the word “chalk” started sounding really weird…
chalk chalk chalk chalk chalk chalk chalk chalk



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