Giant Painted Greek Letters


I’m sure every single one of you (in America at least) has seen the giant greek letters of sororities and fraternities painted with different patterns… and I’m sure you’ve probably wondered where they got the letters and who made them.

Well, you can get the letters cut out of wood basically anywhere.
You can also order them online!!
But when it comes to painting, a member of the organization is usually in charge.


In September, Baylor Pi Beta Phi throws a campus-wide fundraising event called Howdy where 100% of the proceeds go toward our philanthropy!
The event is a Texas-themed country dance complete with free barbeque for everyone!!!
We always have a great turnout, and it’s one of my favorite parts of being a Pi Phi.

This year, I had the opportunity to paint our giant Pi Phi letters!
I did a Texas flag pattern to go along with the Howdy theme, and it was much easier than I expected!


-Wooden letters
-TONS of paint
-Painter’s tape


STEP 1 – Tape off the pattern you want to paint to keep the colors separated. This was especially helpful when using white because any mistakes with the red and blue would show up really easily

STEP 2 – Paint the letters!!
I guarantee you that your friends would want to help with this… It was so much fun, and it forever left an outline of the letters in my college driveway.

STEP 3 – Let it dry and use it for events and anything else!


This project can be used for SO many things other than college Greek life.
You could decorate a birthday party with initials, names, or age numbers for example!

And the best part is that you can reuse the letters or numbers or whatever over and over again by simply painting over them! Such a fun and simple project to really add to any kind of event. Have fun with it!




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