Vegan, Gluten free, Spinach Marinara Pasta

If you’ve never eaten at Maggiano’s Little Italy,
then I highly suggest you fix that.

photo 4

Maggiano’s is a gluten free, vegan heaven!
The chef will personally come to your table and help you create a meal
that caters specifically to YOUR dietary needs.
Needless to say, I always end up with the most delicious, allergen-friendly entrée possible.

When I went to Maggiano’s in preparation for my trip to Italy,
obviously my obsession with bargains forced me to order a classic pasta.

It was a good decision.


Not only do you get one scrumptious dish when you order from the “classic pastas,”
but you also get an extra pasta to take home!

All for $13.

My take-home dish was a regular gf, vegan marinara…YUM.
The best part about this whole ordeal is that I got to “Taylor-ize” it!

I searched my fridge and spices, then added whatever I could scavenge.
In this case — spinach, minced onion, vegan cheese & pepper

photo 3

-One serving of Maggiano’s take home pasta
-2 cups of fresh spinach
-Vegan parmesan, grated (to taste)
-Freshly ground black pepper
-Minced onion

STEP 1 put pasta in a greased sautéing pan
STEP 2 – Add spinach, and stir until cooked
STEP 3 – Sprinkle Parmesan, black pepper, and onion to taste
STEP 4 – Poor into a bowl (obvi)
STEP 5 – Add some more Parmesan …because it’s delicious, and EAT!



It would be SOO good to add asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms,
or other veggies you can find hiding in the depths of your fridge!
You can also add garlic, italian seasoning, etc.
IDK. Use your near-death produce.

photo 5

Be creative, and spice up your leftover food!
You won’t be disappointed.
Well, maybe you will be… haha.

Just remember one of my many life mottos:
Never let the fear of failure keep you trying!

Bon appetit


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