Monogram Canvas

When you are in a sorority,
you get a “little” (or in my case two).
When you get your little(s),
you get to bake and craft  for them A LOT.

Pinterest becomes your best friend.

photo 5

Some girls see this “obligation” to become “pinterest-y” as a burden….
but I see it as the perfect excuse to do what I love for girls I love!


I will most likely talk about my littles more than you’d like.
I love them too much.


I wanted to make craft for one ofmy littles, Kathryn,
and I was broke. As usual.
So I looked through my craft supplies.

I found my usual paint and canvas…..
and then I remembered that I had scraps of corduroy fabric!

photo 1

“Why does Tay have scraps of courdory…,” you ask?
Well my thriftiest of friends made shorts out of some $10 pants he found,
then proceeded to drop off the bottoms of the jeans at my house.
My friends know I am a craft-supply-hoarder.

photo 2

-Light blue acrylic paint
(or any paint colors really.)
-Corduroy scraps
-Mod Podge

photo 3

STEP 1 – Paint horizontal stripes on the canvas
STEP 2 – Cut an initial out of the corduroy
STEP 3 – Once the acrylic paint is dry, use mod podge to stick the initial to the canvas
STEP 4 – Cover the entire canvas in more mod podge
STEP 5 – Let it dry, and hang it on the wall! So easy.

The fact that the corduroy pants were wine was
“totes perf”
because Pi Phi’s colors are wine and silver blue!

photo 4


Does anyone else think of this bear every time they hear the word “corduroy?”

Corduroy Bear


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