Valentine’s Day Party!

Have you ever volunteered for something with the intent of helping others,
but the people you went to help ended up helping you?

photo 6

One of the main reasons I love Pi Beta Phi is because of my chapter’s dedication to

photo 9

Baylor Pi Phi partners with South Waco Elementary to promote literacy
as well as just be friends and mentors to the kids.

photo 8

Yesterday four of my fellow Pi Phis and I had the opportunity to help with their after school

photo 1

We decorated fresh baked cookies & crafted homemade valentines
with all of the pink, red, & white items you can imagine!

photo 7

Hanging out with these kids never fails to fill me with an abundance of joy.
Bright smiles & warm hugs are a constant companion to the students.

photo 10

Spending quality time with the kids reminds me of how selfish I am.
I have every reason in the world to be happy, but, too often,
I choose to stress about fleeting “problems” like exams.

photo 3

Joy is a choice.    Love is a choice.
These kids know how to choose both.

photo 2

The valentines & cookies we made were simple.
Anyone could do this with family or friends.
It’s always fun to spend quality time with loved ones while being creative!

photo 12

A valentine does not have to be for a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, or spouse.
A valentine can be for anyone whom you appreciate and love.

photo 4

If only people treated every day like Valentine’s Day . . .

photo 11

Choose joy today. Choose love today.
Remind someone that they are loved and special.


. . . Zoey’s cookie definitely one the award for craziest toppings!
(Needless to say, she had a major sugar high.)

photo 5


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