Guacamole Salsa

I love spicy foods.
Particularly spicy, healthy foods.

photo 3

Whenever I go to Dallas or Austin, I always visit Whole Foods.
“Sample Saturdays” (as I like to call them) might actually be one of my favorite pastimes.

On my last “Sample Saturday,” a local Austinian (?) asked me to sample
Royito’s All Natural Hot Sauce.
Dang was it good.

photo 1

The only ingredients include
–  Fresh Tomatoes, Serrano Peppers, Lemon Juice, & Salt  –

5 calories. 0 g fat. 1 g carbs.
All natural, fresh, and guilt-free ingredients.
I died.
…Then I added an avocado.

photo 2

-1/2 of an Avocado
-4 Tbs of Royito’s
-1 Dash of Salt
-15 Blue Diamond Nut Chips

STEP 1 – Mash the avocado in a bowl
STEP 2 – Add the hot sauce and salt
STEP 3 – Mix it all together & EAT!

photo 4

Seriously spicy. Seriously delicious. Seriously healthy.

I owe my Royito’s discovery to “Sample Saturday” at Whole Foods in ATX.



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