Hummus Spinach Sandwich

I’ve been going through a major sandwich phase.
(partially because I found delicious allergen-free bread,
partially because I love sandwiches)

Which is why I’m posting this Mediterranean-inspired
215 calories  &   2 grams fat

–  one of the most simple, quick, nutritious lunches you can make  –

-2 slices Canyon Bakehouse Bread
-1 cup  Fresh Spinach
-1 oz  Low Fat Hummus


Obviously you can make a sandwich, but here’s some directions.

STEP 1 – Spread 1 Tbs of hummus to each slice of bread
STEP 2 – Put the spinach on top of the hummus
STEP 3 – Toast the sandwich (covered) on Med-High for 5 minutes
STEP 4 – Flip sandwich and cut in half
STEP 5 – Toast for another 2 minutes

It’s a sandwich. Not rocket science. 
I know you could make this without my help in your sleep.
. . . At least I hope so.


I have so many pictures of sandwiches on my phone waiting to be blogged
that it is embarrassing when people look through my camera roll.



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