Vegetable & Hummus Sandwich

I was starving yesterday (typical), and all I had was
some leftover gluten free bread, hummus, half of a tomato, and spinach leaves.
So I made a sandwich out of it.
A vegan, gluten free sandwich.


-2 pieces of allergen-free bread
-2 Tbsp hummus
-3 slices of tomato
-1 cup spinach

STEP 1 – Toast your bread
STEP 2 – Spread the hummus
STEP 3 – Add the other ingredients
STEP 4 – Slice and enjoy!

I added some extra hummus and celery as a side.
This would also be great with some blue diamond rice crackers!

….and who can eat a sandwich like this without a spot of tea?
Black tea straight from the UK, I might add.

Keep Calm & Veggie On.


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