Candy Mason Jars

My roommates are some of the biggest blessings in my life.
They always have my back, and they will drop anything they’re doing to help me.

Because my hilarious, gorgeous roommates do so much for me,
I wanted to find a way to remind them how much I love & appreciate them.

So I bought their favorite candies, duh.

Then I found some old mason jars, burlap scraps, & left over twine
…so I started crafting.

-Mason jars
-Burlap (One thick strip)
-Hot glue
-Card stock (scrapbook paper would be perfect!)
-Hole Puncher

STEP 1 – Cut a thick strip of burlap
Make it thin enough to see the candy in the jar,
but thick enough to not be completely covered by the twine.
Glue it to the middle of the jar!

STEP 2 – Cut a long string of twine
The length depends on the size of the mason jar you use…
As a general rule, always cut things longer than you think you’ll need

STEP 3 – Cut out a square of paper
Everyone has paper laying around… I had card stock. Use what you have!
Write some short & sweet encouragement on the square.
It’s the little things in life that make us smile

STEP 4 – Hole punch the top corner of the paper
String the twine through it, & wrap the twine around the burlap.
Tie a knot, a bow, or whatever floats your boat.


You can use anything!!
Instead of a mason jar, you can use a peanut butter jar or any random container.
Instead of burlap, you can use lace or any old fabrics.
Instead of twine, you can use ribbon, string, or a skinny strip of fabric.
Instead of candy, you can fill it with little notes, cookie mix, or anything really!

Get creative.
Make someone’s day a little bit better.
Be an encouragement.
(like my beautiful roomies)

Never underestimate the power of little gifts.



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