T Shirt Headbands


Every week I get to hang with the coolest group of girls ever…
We just talk about life while we craft, paint, and bake!!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Morgan decided we should recycle plastic headbands
by decorating them with some of her old t shirts.

We all had a blast making our headbands,
and everyone did something a little bit different!
Here’s what I did –>

-Plastic Headbands
-Old T Shirts
-Hot Glue

STEP 1 – Cut long strips of t shirt.
I eyeballed the size, but it was about 2″ wide (?)
Go with what you feel. No pressure.
You can always cut a new strip of shirt!

STEP 2 – Wrap the shirt around the headband.
I found that gluing tiny dots onto the headband as you go helps tremendously!
Also, the tighter the wrapping, the thinner the headband.

STEP 3 – Cut 3 long, skinny pieces of t shirt (about 1″ wide)
Overestimate on the length. You can always cut it shorter when you’re finished
It can be a different color from the first piece, but I used the same color…
I tend to stick with neutral, versatile, and simple things.

STEP 4 – Braid the three pieces
Tie a knot to hold the three strands together, and braid them.
I chose to braid mine fairly loosely.
It was easier to braid it before I glued it onto the headband.

STEP 5 – Check for gaps in the fabric.
I realized that the plastic headband was peaking through in random places.
Just glue the fabric to cover any holes.
Because t shirt material is stretchy, it’s super easy to fix any bald spots.

So get some girls together, and have everyone bring an old t shirt!
This was such a fun idea, and we all got to make them according to our personalities.
Some girls added bows and fabric flowers instead of braids.

This is a great idea for a party or for a DIY present!
Anyone can do it, and it’s soooo cheap!

Recycle those old t shirts.



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