DIY Chalkboard

I went to an antique store last weekend.
(Apparently that’s the trendy thing to do in Waco)

The first store had these ADORABLE vintage chalkboards, & so I was going to buy one.
……..until I saw that they were all over $60……..

That’s when I decided to try and make my own (obviously).
The second antique store I visited had old cabinet doors for $4/piece.
And that’s when I figured out how to make a cheap chalkboard.

-Old cabinet door
-Chalkboard paint ($7/bottle at Michael’s)
-Painter’s tape
-Picture hanging supplies

STEP 1 – Tape off the edges of the cabinet door
STEP 2 – Spray paint the inside of the door with chalkboard paint
(according to the directions on the bottle)
STEP 3 – Let it dry over night — I struggled with this step
STEP 4 – Hang the door on the wall
STEP 5 – Start writing!

(Note the smiley face Hunter added when I turned around to find the camera)

So don’t go spend $60 or more………… please.
Just get creative and make your own chalkboard for less than $10.
If you can’t do that, then ask me to make you one, duh.

Cheap. Easy. Trendy. Vintage. All that stuff.



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