DIY Wall Decor

I have one rule when I walk into Anthropologie:
Look down until you make it to the sale room.
This single rule has saved me millions of dollars.
Well maybe not millions.. But you get the point.

Well this rule basically landed me with the perfect recycledjunk opportunity last week.
I was looking through the old, mismatch knobs ($3 a piece),
and I found three that match my Waco room perfectly.
I didn’t know what to do with them at first, but then low and behold,
a random rectangle of wood was on the ground right before my eyes!

I’m friends with the workers at Anthro (duh),
so I asked one of them how much the piece of wood cost.
She kinda laughed and asked me why I wanted it….
and that’s when I explained my random vision
and got myself a free piece of wood.

-Old piece of wood
-A few mismatch knobs
-Super glue
-Wall hanging tools

STEP 1 – Measure and mark where you want your knobs
I just found the middle of the wood, and put X’s where I planned to place the knobs

STEP 2 – Drill holes in the wood
This can be difficult because you have to make the holes large enough for the knobs to fit,
but small enough to keep them in place..
I found it best to start small, and slowly make the hole bigger

STEP 3 – Screw the knobs in place
After tightening them, add some super glue to secure them

STEP 4 –Cut the back of the knob
This part was hard simply because you have to be strong……which I’m not.
So Hunter helped me do this part!! He’s definitely handy when it comes to this type of thing.

STEP 5 – Hang it on the wall
I put a bracket thing (I have no clue what they’re called) on the back of the wood,
then put a nail into the wall to hang the fixture! It worked great!

Super super SUPER easy, y’all — AND SUPER CHEAP.
…..All because I only go to the sale room at Anthropologie.

And there you go.
My new $9 wall decor.
You can make this.
So like….do it.

Now that’s what I call pro bargaining & recycling.
Don’t be afraid to ask for things in life (aka random wood).
The worst that could happen is people say “no.”
There’s nothing to lose.

Peace & blessings



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