British Food

So I disappeared for over half of the summer….
I’m sorry if you missed my random posts about recycling and things.
Not that anyone on this planet actually missed my rambles.

cappuccino — Edinburgh, Scotland

gluten free, vegan sandwiches — Oxfordshire

gf toast w/ oxford marmalade preserves — Christ Church

I was studying abroad at Oxford University.
(I like to pretend I’m smart)
It was actually THE best experience of my life,
so I strongly suggest studying abroad if it’s an option for you.

pear, walnut, & feta salad — Southwark

veggie soup & summer salad — Grasmere

fresh fruit platter — Oxford

Want to know what one of my FAVORITE parts about living in the UK??!!?!?
…beside the random rain, great shopping, rolling mountains, and stunning architecture…

hummus, greek salad, & chai tea — Oxford

gluten free desserts at the randolph hotel — Oxford

strawberries & dairy-free cream — Christ Church, Oxford

Now obviously not EVERY restaurant and store carried these things,
BUT almost every place I went had vegan/vegetarian/gluten labels ON THE MENU!!!!

This is HUGE people! Huge I tell you!!!

Organic Deli — Oxford

mediterranean appetizer (hummus, tabouleh, couscous) — London

black bean veggie burger & chips — London

Whole Foods — South Kensington, London

Not only was the food labeled for my safety, ease, and enjoyment, but it was also delcicious.

Every gluten free food I tasted could easily pass as the “real” thing.
My friends who eat all sorts of wheat LOVED my gluten free birthday cake!
(It was carrot cake with raisins. I ate half of it. By myself. Thank you, Nicholas!)

birthday carrot cake from Organic Deli — Oxford

italian salad — Edinburgh, Scotland

vegan chili & chips — Edinburgh, Scotland

Long story short — Oxford, London, Scotland, Bath Wales, and the Lake District all had plenty of foods for me too eat and enjoy despite my strange dietary restrictions.
….and to think that I was worried about food on the trip….
The most difficult place to find food was in the airports.
I am one happy camper with one happy tummy.

organic, locally grown blueberries — Wimbeldon

quinoa, artichoke salad — Olympic Park

gf, vegan *spicy* indian dish (delicious) — Oxford

Well now that I’m back and you know all about how great the UK is about vegan & gf options,
I will once again be posting recipes and crafts made (predominately) from all recycled things I find laying around my house, the street, the pantry, etc, etc, etc.

vegan & gluten free milkshakes and smoothies — Oxford

broccoli & cheese jacket potato — Cardiff, Wales

gluten free chubby hubby — Oxford

Get excited.
….I can’t wait to start cooking and baking with pumpkin and butternut squash this fall!

vegetarian sushi & miso soup — London

brie & salad — Christ Church

gf, sugar free, vegan vanilla frozen yogurt w/ raspberries — London

Long Live The Queen!



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