Painted Jars

I found 18 empty jars during the move.
Why so many jars?

Because my dad saves them. All of them.
(He saves old oatmeal canisters, too).
Most people would find this strange, but those people don’t realize the value of junk.
Old glass jars are a recycler’s best friend.

My parents tried to throw them away during the move, but I took them out of the trash can.
Gross. I know.

Nobody knows that this jar once contained peanut butter and was thrown into the garbage.
Except maybe you..and me..and anyone you tell..
It’s like they always say: One man’s trash is another girl’s treasure.
Gosh I hate cliches.

• Old glass jars
• Acrylic paint
• Water
• Paper bowls

STEP 1 – Water down the paint so it will run easily
(I didn’t do this the first time, so it’s optional, but it helps)
STEP 2 – Drop paint into the bottom of the jar
STEP 3 – Flip the jar over so the paint runs down the side
STEP 4 – Add other colors, one at a time, or more than one at a time. Your choice. I have faith in you.
STEP 5 – Let them run together until the inside is covered
STEP 6 – Dry overnight

Once mine dried, I cut some flowers from the knockout rose bushes in my front yard!
I put them in the jar then tied some tweed around the top for decoration.

I might use my other ones as pencil holders or for my makeup brushes. Maybe.
You can use these things for almost anything… It’s wonderful.

Next time you want to trash your old peanut butter, salsa, or pickle jars, think twice.
You might be throwing away your friend’s next birthday gift.

It’s safe to say that my family has a clutter problem.
But I’m thankful for that problem when things like excessive wine corks and glass jars appear
because I get to turn them into something unique and useful for free.



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