The Move

I haven’t blogged consistently lately…
Not that you care.
BUT in case you did care,
I am sorry.

My family is in transition.
We’ve lived in the same house for 12 years, and the time has come for change.

Imagine cleaning, organizing, & transporting 6 people’s compilation of clothes, school work, nicknacks, games, and more that built upon itself for 12 full years.
…now imagine that in 100 degree weather.
I now understand the purpose of annual spring cleaning: to prevent this magnitude of de-cluttering.

The worst part of this move is the “NO COOKING” rule.
It’s killing me.
My parents don’t want me to “make a mess.”
I guess I understand where they are coming from since I am the master of making messes.
Even when I microwave leftovers, I somehow make a mess.

Moving is rough,
especially when you personally have four “homes” (Dallas, Plano, Waco, and Oxford) to think about,
but it can be extremely FUN!
How can moving be fun, you ask?

1. Jam out to the Poke-rap and other old school 90s songs with little brothers while transporting a jeep full of furniture
2. Drive 20 mph down a major street to make sure coffee tables don’t fall out of your dad’s trunk bed
3. Eat Whole Foods for every lunch because it’s next door to my parent’s new house
4. Do yoga in giant empty rooms on Oriental rugs…then take a nap there
5. Dress up siblings in giant pieces of fabric that you randomly find in the bedding box
6. Put bows in your dog’s hair to add to her confusion of moving houses
7. Light Christmas candles in July because they are the only ones you can find
8. Watch the same movie two nights in a row with your big brother because you can’t find the right DVD player cords
9. Bake 100s of cookies because you accidently double a recipe that your family is craving (they let me bake…once)
10. Go to sleep at 2 am, but wake up at 6 am to watch the Wimbledon

It’s definitely possible to have fun while moving.

This week has been crazy, and exhausting.
Now it’s time to pack for England.
Hopefully I can post some new crafts and recipes for y’all before I travel!
…but in case I can’t…
Think of creative ways to recycle any and every thing that you find.

My puppy is just as exhausted as the rest of the family



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