Quinoa Salad

“So if you’re vegetarian, then what do you eat for protein?”

I get that a lot.
Well, for all of you protein police out there,

The first time I saw that word I thought it was the name of an ancient Indian tribe.
It’s not.
“Keen-wa” is a gluten free whole grain that packs 8g of protein per cup.

I made some quinoa the other day, and I didn’t want to eat it plain.
…so I rummaged through the kitchen where I found left over spinach & a can of black beans.
I put the spinach on a plate,
washed (and rewashed) the canned beans to remove some sodium,
and topped it with my freshly cooked quinoa.
I added olive oil and balsamic vinegar for extra flavor.

I call it: The Quinoa Black Bean Spinach Salad.
Creative, right?

Y’all, this dish is SO easy, SO healthy, and SO vegan.
It’s literally protein, whole grains, and vitamins.

Don’t be intimidated by cooking quinoa.
It’s like rice — boil water, add the grain, and stir occasionally.

Eat quinoa.



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