Espresso Candles.

If you know me even remotely well,
then you know that I LOVE COFFEE.
I love everything about coffee.
My favorite ice cream flavor is even coffee.
There’s just something about the taste and smell that gets me.

….I think the reason I always fall for barista guys is because they smell like coffee…
Is that weird? I think it’s weird. Oh well, I’m weird.

I’ve always wanted a coffee candle.
Sometimes, I brew coffee just so I can smell it.
Oh my gosh why I’m so weird.


I’ve had some espresso beans that I didn’t want to use because they were old and I didn’t want to trash because that seemed wasteful…. so they’ve been in my freezer for a few months.

Then later I was furniture shopping at World Market, and of course I left with tea light candles and mini vases instead of furniture.
The tea candles were $0.14 a piece, and the vases were $0.99. How can you say no to that?

So when I got home, I made Espresso candles!!!
They smell like espresso. It’s wonderful.

I used to drive to my local coffee shop to do homework,
but now I just light my candles and do it at home!
….I’m seriously so weird…..
Like who studies to the smell of coffee?
Why can’t I just listen to music or something normal?

Normal is overrated.

I didn’t put instructions because the craft is self explanatory….
Put some coffee/espresso beans in a jar then add a tea candle.
You can do it. I believe in you.

Stay Calm, and Drink Coffee.



2 thoughts on “Espresso Candles.

  1. Taylor I love the way you write. I can hear your voice every time I read your blog… Wait thats weird sounding. Oh well I guess we are ment to me roomies! Love you and lets make tons of these for our house!

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