My Diet.

Before I begin, I would like to make a quick disclaimer:

You are what you eat.
The more processed, sugary garbage you put into your body,
the more you will look and feel like processed, sugary garbage.
Stick with a clean diet full of natural foods.

As Michael Pollen, author of In Defense of Food, says,
“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”


More often than I like, people ask me about my diet.

Well. Quite honestly,
those questions makes me feel awkward.

BUT I will tell y’all what I eat.
Only because I love you.

I am vegan. Mostly.
I do eat greek yogurt and frozen yogurt…but that’s about it.
I’m NOT vegan for moral or spiritual reasons.
I’m vegan because it makes me feel better.

I am gluten free. Mostly.
I’m mostly GF because I like to cheat.
Who can resist a bite of warm banana bread straight out of the oven?
Not me. And I don’t even like bananas!
I’m gluten free because I have a gluten intolerance.
It does all sorts of weird things to me…..I won’t go into details.

I have a fish and soy intolerance.
This is actually hilarious seeing as how sushi is my favorite food group.
Yes, I count sushi as a food group.
I don’t care how intolerant I am, I will never fully give up sushi.
That being said, for my personal well-being, I limit myself to once a month.

I am sugar free. Mostly.
This is because sugar is addicting. It also makes me moody.
Nobody likes a moody Taylor, and nobody likes addictions.
I limit my sugar by using substitutions….. 
Xylitol is my favorite. It’s all natural with no glycemic index effects
I also use Stevia, Grade A Maple Syrup, & Agave.

Now you are probably wondering, “Taylor, what in the world do you eat?!”
If I had a penny for every time someone asked me that,
then I’d have like 73 pennies.

I eat VEGETABLES. Every vegetable.
I eat FRUIT. I love my berries. 
I eat RICE. Got to get my carbohydrates.
I eat TAPIOCA. It’s a GF plant starch, commonly found in Bubble Tea.
I eat QUINOA. Talk about nutrient dense protein.
I eat DARK CHOCOLATE. A lot of dark chocolate. 70% and up.
I eat NUTS. Almonds, cashews, brazil, walnuts, and macadamia to name a few.

So that’s about it. That’s the foundation of my food diet. 
I eat about seven small meals a day. I like to eat.
A lot.

…My guilty pleasures are Chick-fil-A french fries & Braum’s Chocolate Cappuccino milkshakes.

Now you may be wondering,
“Taylor, what do you drink?!”
My first response would be, NOT SODA.
Never soda.
My parents didn’t let me drink cokes when I was little.
Mom & Dad, thank you.

I drink TEA. Herbal teas. Monkey Picked Oolong is my favorite.
I drink COFFEE. Some may say I have a caffeine addiction.
I drink WATER. Probably too much water.
In that order.
I drink PROTEIN SHAKES. It’s essential.
….If I didn’t drink protein shakes every day,
then I’d have to eat LOTS of nuts & quinoa.
My favorite powders are raw (from plants, nuts, etc).

In summary: I eat a predominately
vegan, GF, SF diet full of
vegetables, nuts, and herbs
throughout the entire day.

Go ahead. Call me a rabbit. I get that a lot.
I also get “Carrot Top” even though I’m pretty sure my hair isn’t orange.

So there ya go.
My diet.



3 thoughts on “My Diet.

  1. Hey,
    I am also sugar free too! It is highly addictive and makes me feel so much better not to eat it. A good substitute is glucose (don’t know what country you live in but dextrose can be found in the brewing section of your shops). Glucose is pure energy to our bodies so it’s hard to eat a lot of it. Stevia is also pretty good and natural. Maple Syrup and Agave have quite high sugar contents though.
    Great blog!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve never seen glucose or dextrose at any of my health food stores, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout!! Thanks for the idea! I use Stevia and Truvia the most because they are cheaper than xylitol, even though I prefer the taste of xylitol. Haha maple and agave do have very high glycemic indexes, but they taste so wonderful. I like to pretend they’re healthy since they aren’t AS high as true sugar. Haha.

      Sugar free is the best. No energy highs and lows. It’s great to hear that you are sugar free, too!

      • It’s not in the healthfood shops so much as in shops like Big W (not sure if you have that?) Wherever there is a home brew section they have dextrose.
        I totally agree that sugar free is the best! Definitely makes me happier and no energy highs and lows either. Sugar free girls need to band together! amazing blog 😉

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