Boho Headband.

Free People rocks.
It’s my (second) favorite store.
Whole Foods & Anthropologie are tied for first.
Good think all three of them are super cheap! heh.

One of the reasons FP rocks is because they give you trendy, chic, reusable fabric bags instead of gross paper shopping bags when you make a purchase!!

I use my one and only FP bag as a beach tote,
which works great …until the bottom breaks.

That’s when I decided to find a NEW use for my favorite bag.


All I did was:

1. Cut the handle off with scissors,
2. Tie it around my head like a turban, and
3. tuck the ends into the back

It took me five minutes.
Maybe even less for you depending on your scissor-ing skills.


Now you have a trendy, floral, hippie headband thing.

…or a belt? or a scarf? or a child leash?I don’t know. Be creative. Do what you want.

(in case you are struggling)

1. Start by placing the middle in the back of your head,
2. Wrap it around to the front,
3. Twist it twice, and then
4. Tuck what fabric is left into the back.


May the force be with you.



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