Magazine Collage

Remember the old days when you spent the school day crafting?
…specifically, making collages?

Well, I got bored of doing my grown-up college homework,
so I made a collage instead.

“Collage” (n): a form of art in which various materials such as
photographs and pieces of paper or fabric are arranged and stuck to a backing

• Canvas
• Old magazines
• Mod Podge
• Manila folder

I told you this craft was like old times.
I mean when was the last time you saw a manilla folder?
Elementary school.

STEP 1 – Cut tons of small to medium pieces out of a magazine
STEP 2 – Lightly paint a thin coat of mod podge over the canvas
STEP 3 – Start collage-ing the magazine cutouts onto the canvas
STEP 4 – Place mod poge over the top of the collage
STEP 5 – Draw a design or letters onto the manilla folder
(This is where you can get extra creative. Think of your favorite things, lyrics, phrases, etc)
STEP 6 – Glue the cut-outs on top!

Super easy.
Just like kindergarten.

I miss kindergarten.

In case y’all didn’t know, I’m often referred to as an over achiever.
I don’t think I’m actually an over achiever…
I think I’m really just a person who says “yes” to way too many things.

Currently, I’m working, taking classes, and organizing a garage sale.
While that doesn’t sound like very much…it is.
Especially when you consistently volunteer to do the grocery shopping, cook meals, and take on projects.
I do it because I like it. I like staying busy.
That’s why I started this blog…. to stay busy.

It’s also kind of like an accountability partner to help me think of new ways to use old things (like magazines). I have way too many old magazines laying around in my room that I found while organizing things for the big garage sale. ….My house is full of junk waiting to be recycled.

Well, that’s all folks.

Find your old magazines, & COLLAGE.
Collage is a funny word.

Stay busy. Stay happy. Recycle.



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