Gift Idea.

I have been M.I.A. for a week now.
(That’s like a year in the blogging world.)
Life just got really crazy.       ………too crazy.
It finally slows down next week.
…..I think?

THANKFULLY, I have an amazing friend who is BEYOND crafty, smart, quirky, fun, and reliable.

Not only is she a great friend, but she is a true servant.

….She’s also absolutely insane.

Insane in the sense that last time we were bored,
we bought water balloons and paint and played our own
version of the Hunger Games in a random front lawn.

Ladies & gents, prepare yourself.
This girl is a recycling guru of a crafter.

I have the pleasure, NAY, the privilege
of having this girl guest-post on

So, without further ado,

THE Katherine Elizabeth Diehl


FIRST OF ALL I CAN’T EVEN TALK ABOUT HOW BLESSED I AM BY TAYLOR MCNAMARA!! She has the sweetest and dearest heart, and is truly one of a kind! She’s incredible creative, encouraging, extremely loyal, and obedient to the Lord like none other! I am so excited for her life, God is going to use her in HUGE ways y’all!! She has BIG dreams and BIG ideas and she knows how to put them into action! I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW HER YET YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ASKING ME TO POST ON YOUR BLOG IT WAS FUN!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Second of all, It’s summertime! a.k.a the season of birthdays for my sweet friends! One of my best friendies from high school, Kristin Tippin, turned the BIG TWO OH (twenty) a few weeks ago, & I had to make her something special! She’s inspired me so much the past few years, & I’ve yet to find someone as disciplined, consistent, & grounded as Kristin! She knows the way God sees her & truly walks in security, maturity and purity + she’s HILARIOUS.
I’m so blessed by & thankful for both KT and Taylor & I know we will always be friends, no matter how far away we are or how different our lives look! If you want true friendship find yourself some friends like them! 
Here’s what I made her!
It was super EASY, so I thought I would post about it in case anyone needed a fun gift idea!!

I didn’t really have a complete idea for what I was doing until I finished it,
but I was really happy with it in the end!
 This sweet old frame was sitting on the bottom of a shelf at Salvation Army, untouched and unlooked at, with a thick layer of dust on the top. It has been sitting outside my house at our craft table for quite some time now. Always knew it had potential to blossom into something cool eventually, and today was the day!

I love finding old junk that no one takes a second glance at and turning it into something special. I think it’s because I LOVE the way that Jesus sees all of his children as his masterpieces, and because of Him we are beautiful and free to be who we are!
So the first step was to paint the frame! Kristin’s bedspread is purple so of course I had to match it to her room! Also, I’m all about blending colors together — it adds another dimension that just one color doesn’t have alone. Two is better than one!! (there’s an 89.732% chance you just sang that in your head when you read it)

Then I just ripped off the paper in the back and took out the piece of cardboard in the frame, so there was nothing in the middle — Easy peasy!

After that I took my handy-dandy hot glue gun (seriously I love this little guy, I think I got him at Hobby Lobby?) and glued some pieces of twine across the back!
I’ve also used ribbon and wire and those look cool as well! Here’s a similar project I made with ribbon across it!

Then I cut a piece of burlap and hot glued a heart onto it that I cut out of an old dress that I don’t wear anymore. If you’re looking for cool fabric, and don’t have old clothes, you can buy really cool small square pieces of patterned fabric at Jo-ann’s for pretty cheap, you can also get burlap there! Also, I like the shaggy, tall imperfect look of this heart, but that’s just my style, some people prefer more them wider and more straight-edged/even!
Next I hot glued the burlap over the back of the frame and voila! To finish it up I tied some twine to the top and clipped some mini clothespins to it! I’m going to pin a birthday card to it and it will be ready to give to Kristin!
I have something similar in my room and I use it to put up sticky notes to remind myself of things, or verses I am trying to memorize, or receipts, etc. It’s decorative and useful!
that’s it y’allll! If you got anything from this post it should be that

P.S. Taylor your birthday is coming up, you’re next!


I told y’all she’s a recycling guru of a crafter.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Miss Katherine Diehl (Baylor Tri Delta & Jesus lover)

If you are currently thinking to yourself,
“Self, I’m good at crafting junk into useful, unique things,”
and you want to share them on my blog,
What are you waiting for?!

…I promise I don’t bite.

Email, comment, text, facebook, whatever me with your idea, recipe, craft, etc
& let’s get this show on the road!

I’d LOVE to have you here on



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