Daisy Dukes.

my new jorts

Okay. You caught me.
I didn’t actually make daisy dukes.
I made normal jean shorts.
I just wanted you to read this post.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using my little brother’s old jeans to make shorts! His growth spurt is currently blessing me with a brand new, free wardrobe!

I made American Flag & normal cutoffs.
Hand-me-ups are God’s gift to recyclers.

Making these cutoffs was easier than making Just-Add-Water Pancake mix.
You think I’m kidding? haha. Go try it.

•Old Jeans
•Fray Block

STEP 1 – Cut to desired length.
I made mine way longer in the back because I like them that way.

Word to the wise: Start longer than you’d like because they fray (aka shrink) over time. I mean if you actually want some Daisy Dukes, then chop away!! Remember– You can always cut more, but you can’t add back. Also, the length makes them WAY more versatile because you can roll them or wear them long! Yippee!!! It’s like those scrunchy shirts from the 90s at Limited Too… except not at all like that. I was sad when my mom didn’t let me buy a scrunchy shirt. All the cool girls had a scrunchy shirt. (Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m bitter or anything).

Anyway….back to the directions.

STEP 2 – Wash the cutoffs
The washing machine frays the hems a little bit so they aren’t quite as clean cut.

STEP 3 – Fray block!!
Yall. This stuff is amazing. My grandma gave me her leftover bottle when I went to visit last week! (Mimi is the sweetest). Just use it around the edges, and the shorts won’t fray any shorter! This is totally optional for you daisy dukers out there! Fray away!

recycled outfit

And now you have your own custom pair of JORTS!
Make them long or short, wear them high or low.
Do your thing.

Just promise me one thing:

…Next time your family wants trash old clothing, stop them.
Never underestimate the power of a hand-me-down.

In this picture →
I’m wearing my mom’s lace tank from the 70’s, her black belt from the 90s, and my brothers old jeans from last year…
You’d never know that I didn’t spend a dime on this outfit.

Moral of the story: R E C Y C L E.



One thought on “Daisy Dukes.

  1. Tay, I feel for you. Not only didn’t my parents buy those jeans with palm trees printed all over them that were so popular, my mom THREW AWAY my only jeans she did not buy at a garage sale. So my beloved super soft 4 year old jeans even had little natty cuffs at the bottom….and one little rip on my right knee. She took them to work and threw them away there so I couldn’t find them. So one day they were just gone. Moral of the story: dumpster diving can uncover many surprising things. At least that’s what I got out of it. Well, and, I try to give my kid what he wants most…so he won’t turn into a style obsessed clothing hoarder like me 🙂
    Later Tay. And hey, thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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