Picture Frame.


When I bought this $10 frame,
I have no earthly idea what I was thinking.

Seriously. Look at this pitiful guy.  →
First off, he’s black.
Literally nothing in my bedroom is black.
Second off, he’s broken.
Who would use a broken picture frame?
Third off, he’s random.

After three years of having a black, broken, random frame above my bed, I decided to take action and RECYCLE!

This DIY picture frame makeover was a blast!

I went out on my balcony (I love my balcony), blasted some Gungor and All Sons & Daughters (my current favorite artists), and painted in 75 degree weather. Can you ask for a more perfect Dallas summer morning?

I wanted a cherry red with some pink undertone. I don’t know why, but I did.

It turned out awesome.

But it still missing something… The white and red scheme was a little too plain for me.

So I did what any normal person would do, and I added yellow accents.
…Red, yellow, and white. Random.
Oh well, YOLO!

I don’t understand why people say YOLO.
I mean, think about it…

• Old (or new) picture frame
• Acrylic paint of choice
• Hot glue

STEP 1 – Paint the old picture frame.
Simple enough, right?
It took me three coats to get a solid color, and then I scratched it up a bit around the edges because I didn’t like how neat and clean it looked.

STEP 2 – Paint the border of the paper.
I used light yellow paint and bordered the edges of where I place the picture

STEP 3 – Fix the frame.
(The top of the frame was broken)
Once the paint is dry, simply glue the glass and paper to the top of the frame. This reinforces the structure so that it will stay strong and rectangular. It’s like a face-lift for picture frames!

The red and yellow really pops in my bedroom!!
…The word “pops” annoys me nearly as much as “YOLO.”
But that’s beside the point.

Now your old, random, broken picture frames can look brand new! FOR FREE!
Use old materials, pictures, and frames around your house. You know you have random junk hiding in drawers, boxes, and cabinets.

(My feet got dirty)

So now you know,
cause it’s Mike’s Super Short Show!
…except it’s actually Taylor’s super short blog, which is becoming exponentially longer as I continue to type about nothing of importance whatsoever.

For all of you people who didn’t watch Mike’s Super Short Show, I’m terribly sorry.
It was a highlight of my younger days back when Disney was at it’s prime.
Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, anyone?

(before & after)

Did I mention that I have a month left of being a teenager?

Where does the time go?!?!?!

….apparently to me typing away to the negative amounts of people who actually care about what I’m saying. Whoops. YOLO!

Okay. I’m finished talking now.

Be inspired.
Go recycle your old junk.
Make me proud.



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