Wine Corks.


Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine?

Apparently, my family likes wine…a lot.
Seeing as how we had over 600 wine corks laying around for who knows how long…

My parents were about to throw the wine corks away the other day, but then my mum (who recently discovered my blog) asked me if I wanted them for something “random.”

… family thinks I’m weird.
It’s better that way.

Do you see the  neon orange cork….?

Anyway. I saved a random scrap of foam board from my dorm room decorations, (North. Russell. Ew.)
which was about the perfect size for a smallish bulletin board!

So….I started making one.


  • Wine corks. Lots of them.
  • Something sturdy for the backing
  • Burlap, ribbon, etc
  • Hot glue
  • Paper clips

STEP 1 – Glue corks onto foam board

STEP 2 – Line boarder with burlap

STEP 3 – Make Pins

1. Straighten out some paper clips
2. Stick one side into a champagne cork
3. Hot glue to reinforce it
4. Stick your new pin into the cork board

That’s it!
All it takes is a ton of corks, a ton of glue, and a ton of patience.

… drink away and save those wine corks!

You can use this project as a
bulletin board,
jewelry holder,
or whatever else you can imagine.

Live long & recycle.



6 thoughts on “Wine Corks.

  1. If you still have the wine bottles they can be made into cheese plates in a kiln…just a thought. 🙂

  2. thank you ! I am making a star for the top of a bottle tree for our local italian place. they are giving me sooo many corks in return!! my friends and i are getting together in feb to make cork art!

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