Button Bracelets.

Guess what I found?!?!?


Lots and lots of buttons.

Apparently my mom has been collecting buttons from old clothing for years.
Sadly, her incredible assortment of buttons literally just sits in a bag, begging to be used.

…which is where I come in handy!

I found some old twine in my gift wrapping drawer, and that’s when it came to me –


It’s incredibly simple.


  • Buttons
  • Twine
  • Scissors

STEP 1 – Cut two long pieces of twine.

STEP 2 – Pick a button.

STEP 3 – String the twine through the
button holes.

STEP 4 – Tie it around your wrist.

…I told you it was incredibly simple.
Simple is always best.

If for some strange reason you don’t feel like making a bracelet, but you really want a bracelet, then today is your lucky day!

I’m selling them for $2!

Enjoy your new DIY bracelet!!


Recycle on, my friends.


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