Almond Cheese.

Yes, you read that correctly.
Almond cheese.
It is a necessity in vegan and non-vegan homes alike.
It looks, tastes, smells, feels, shreds, and melts just like “normal” cheese.

…did I mention that this stuff packs 8 g protein and only 1 g fat per serving?

I currently have two types of almond cheese in my fridge:

<– Cheddar


Mozzarella –>

(I had some Pepper Jack, too . . . but I may or may not have eaten the entire block yesterday)

I saw these two cheeses.
I wanted these two cheese.
BUT I had no clue how to eat these two cheeses.

That’s when I saw these babies:
Left over Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas.
Ezekiel is about as natural as bread comes, y’all.

….I knew exactly how to recycle these leftovers.



Cooking doesn’t really get easier than Cheese Quesadillas.

STEP 1 – Shred some cheese

You can do this. Promise.
Take a shredder (or knife), and shred away!

You can actually buy “pre-shredded” Almond Cheese, but it’s about $1.80 more than a block.
$1.80 is important to me …hence my block.

FYI: Semi-firm cheeses melts best.
(aka cheddar cheese melts better than mozzarella)

So if you want to pick just one cheese for your quesadillas, definitely go with the Cheddar. 
…unless you’re allergic to Cheddar or something.
In that case, please don’t use Cheddar.

STEP 2 – Warm the tortilla in a skillet on medium-low heat

(Don’t forget to spray the pan with Pam or oil or something)

STEP 3 – Sprinkle the Cheese on top of the tortilla
– Flip the tortilla before you add any cheese
– Let it do it’s thing for a few minutes

STEP 4  – Fold the tortilla in half
– Cook for one minute
– Flip
– Cook for another minute

STEP 5 – Eat your protein packed quesadilla!

Seriously?? What is better than melted cheese??

….except for tanning, reading, and napping….all at once.

No sugar.
No dairy.
No meat.

Enjoy your vegan quesadilla!!



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