The Name.

I’ve wanted to blog for a while. I follow blogs, read blogs, obsess over blogs, see life as a blog, and I just like blogs!

Therefore: Today, I begin my own blog.

You might be thinking to your self, “Self, why did Taylor name her blog Recycled Junk?”
Well, I’m glad you asked!!

WELL. It took me about 9 minutes to name my blog.

I brainstormed a plethora of names, but they were all taken. Literally. Every single one.

APPARENTLY, I am not as original as I thought.

That’s when I stared off into the distance and noticed my Chai Tea from Whole Foods. obviously.
(Obvious that it was from Whole Foods, not that it was a Chai Tea)
I don’t know why I ordered Chai Tea. I’ve never done that before. Ever.
As my brain continued to drift further into Taylor land, I started thinking my cup and about how I should recycle my cup.


That’s when it came to me! RECYCLE! (which was also taken, hence the –ed).
I proceeded to use my trusty dictionary app, and that’s when I realized that Recycled is the perfect name for my blog:

RECYCLE: 1. To extract useful materials from (garbage or waste)
2. To recondition and adapt to a new use or function

Yes, this collection is made completely out of recycled material.
It was trash.
Now it is beautiful.

You are probably thinking to your self, “Self, I still don’t understand where Taylor is going with this…”
Well, I’m glad you said so!

Here’s the deal.

Old things typically look like junk.

But I’m beginning to realize that everything has purpose.

Anything can be made beautiful.

Through this blog, I’ll be posting crafts, recipes, and other random things that are all made using “junk.”

This blog will simply be a journey that follows my discovery of finding beauty and potential in the simplest of things.

……..and that’s why my blog is titled “Recycled.”

Love ya,


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